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Win back peace of mind. Know your dev backlog is taken care of by seasoned professionals ↓

How you will benefit from BlissBuilds

Build at your pace

Own the flexibility to scale your
development power as you need it.

Optimise your bottom line

Cut human resource costs by not hiring
& managing an in-house dev team.

Focus on what matters

Win back the liberty to innovate rather
than waste time managing dev resources.

Full code ownership

Own your code and move your project
wherever you need, whenever.

How BlissBuilds will work for you

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Schedule a blissful 1:1 onboarding call.


Setup your personal BlissBuilds board.


Fill the board with todos or ask for guidance.


Watch our devs tick off your tasks in real time.

BlissBuilds Dashboard for Client-driven Website Development.

Choose the right plan for yourself

BlissBuilds is currently in early alpha.
We are taking on a limited amount of clients.


For the manageable backlog

$2999/month $2499/month

  • 5day turnaround for new pages.
  • 2day turnaround for small tasks.
  • Project size up to 10 pages.
  • 15hrs logged dev time.
  • No contract lock-in.


For the unmanageable backlog

$4999/month $3999/month

  • 3day turnaround for new pages.
  • 1day turnaround for small tasks.
  • Project size up to 15 pages.
  • 30hrs logged dev time.
  • No contract lock-in.


For the special needs

Get in touch Get in touch

  • Project size of 20+ pages.
  • Or get started from scratch.
  • 40+ hrs logged dev time.
  • Unlimited small tasks.


All the answers to your burning questions.
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We can. However, this will likely lead to limitations in development & performance.

We believe in long-term project maintenance. Our chosen self-hosted and proven CMS of choice is WordPress. To ensure performance and security of your website, all of the project-specific code is completely custom.

We offer the flexibility to evolve your website without having to deal with limited timeframes and overpriced offerings. BlissBuilds is simply reliable output at your fingertips.

BlissBuilds is a development management software. In it you can easily add tasks and check the status of your website as it gets developed. Once you signup, a project manager and developer from our roster is assigned to you.

Task alignment occurs in app. Communication via email.

Yes. All of our websites have dedicated hosting with best-in-class performance and security. Daily backups and staging environments are the standard. In case you prefer to have the project hosted on your servers – feel free to mention it in our call.

You. Your website will be managed on GitHub from day 0, so moving will be as easy as giving them access to the repository.

In contrast to traditional agency models, we don’t take on more projects than our current development capacity. Your subscription reserves developer time.

Easy! As we use WordPress as our CMS, you can make changes yourself.

Yes. Please mention this in our blissful 1:1 intros.

Anytime. You can manage your plan in the BlissBuilds app.

About the duo behind BlissBuilds

BlissBuilds was born out of 10 years of experience running a successful web development agency and working with international clients from various industries. The resulting learnings taught us to recognise what doesn’t work, so we can focus on delivering flawlessly functional web apps.

The increasingly diverse needs of individual clients are rendering the delivery of development services obsolete. BlissBuilds is exploring the validity to replace the outdated agency model with a productised service-based pricing plan.

Are we the right fit for you & your business?

We onboard every client with our blissful 1:1 intros. We want to ensure our needs are aligned in a productive kickoff, so we can steer towards a lasting relationship.